Are magnetic chess sets better?

Magnetic chess sets are perfect for traveling, so you can play a game or two on the go. They are placed on the top and come off very easily. If this isn't an option for you for several reasons, a lot of other tips are good. Most magnetic sets are too small for tournaments.

Even if you had one the size of a tournament, many players would object to it not being standard. If you're a chess enthusiast but also like hiking, where space in your backpack is scarce, then this 7.9-inch flat magnetic chess set could be the answer. I hope the above suggestions helped you on your trip, but if you're still having questions, here are some things to consider when making a decision about which set to buy. The well detailed magnetic chess pieces are made of solid black and white plastic and come with felt on the bottom.

I'm not the tidiest and if I can leave it ready, pick it up when I feel like it and start playing right away, it suits me very well. Portable, fun and lightweight with great looking magnetic pieces, this 9-inch chess set is big enough to play with and yet small enough to easily travel with you. Let's look in more detail at the 5 best magnetic chess games, who they are best suited to and what you get for your money. The powerful magnets adhere to the board to maintain the current playing position, even if used on road trips.

This unique magnetic chess set is designed with a very unusual round style, a beautiful contrast to the square chess set in everyday use. Each of my original sets came in a clear plastic bag, which is essential for catching any piece that falls off, but my newer games didn't. This medium-sized magnetic travel chess and checkers set comes with a plastic case with hinges and a snap lock that closes hermetically to store all chess and checkers pieces for travel or storage. In short, for a very portable and durable set that you want to take somewhere and then play, I would recommend it, especially for the price.

However, if you're looking for something like that, an inexpensive but functional magnetic game is probably the best option. It's a pleasure to play chess in this set with beautifully crafted wooden chess pieces and a matching rosewood board. The full list of travel chess games and magnetic games purchased was 15, both online and in-store, from which this list of 5 was derived. These come in three sizes, the largest of which is too big for what I plan to use a magnetic chessboard for (quick games and analysis).

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