How much does a hand carved chess set cost?

Of the 32 chess pieces, much of the value depends on how well the gentleman is made. It would have been nice if the pieces were a little heavier, but overall it's a beautiful set and we've enjoyed it a lot and received a lot of praise for the art and craftsmanship of the pieces. The world's most opulent chess set, weighing 513 carats, is literally fit for a king and queen. Even people who don't play or don't understand the rules usually have a set of polished wood in their homes.

Horses in high-end wooden sets must be hand carved, a long and specialized process to ensure that all four are exactly the same. When you're looking for a chess set to buy, you might see the descriptions of the games, including the size, usually in inches. In one of the other threads, Carl came and talked about the price and why his sets cost what they cost. I remember reading that Noj raised its prices once or twice before I bought my 1950 game recently.

I will only add that when I try to compare apples to apples I can use the Dubrovnik set as an example. Most, if not all, of the excellent wooden sets available for sale on any website are made in the same city in India. Chess sales skyrocketed 125 percent after the October premiere of “The Queen's Gambit”, a Netflix series about an orphan chess prodigy, Beth Harmon, who is crushing the male-dominated game. Fortunately, you can choose whether you want to buy a branded or unbranded set, depending on how important the brand is to you.

Two identical chess sets may exit the manufacturing industry at an exact price, but by the time you buy them on a retail website, one could be significantly more expensive than the other because a brand name has been attached. In most games, you'll see a hole drilled in the bottom of the piece where the weight was placed, covered regularly to prevent the pieces from scratching the board. You can upgrade to a better, more expensive set after familiarizing yourself with the game and deciding that you want to take it more seriously. Since there are many sets that meet that budget line with a level of quality that is acceptable to me.

I wish I knew how much each of those vendors approximately pays real artisans, regardless of the company label that appears on the set.

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