What Chess Boards are Used in FIDE Tournaments?

For high-level global or continental competitions, wooden boards should be used. Pentagram, a renowned design powerhouse responsible for some of the most iconic modern designs, developed the current look of chess tournaments, but its most impactful contribution was the game of chess itself. Headquartered in the United States, The House of Staunton is renowned for manufacturing the best chess equipment in the world. Obsessed chess fans have probably noticed that when the World Chess Championship arrives, Magnus Carlsen always uses the same chess pieces, no matter who is sitting in the chair in front of him: Vishy Anand, Sergey Karjakin, Fabiano Caruana or, like this year, Ian Nepo.The board used in the world championship match is made in the Netherlands by DGT.

This board is called the Electronic Tournament Board and has a number of interesting and innovative features. The sets are sold exclusively at World Chess and can be found in their official online store, as well as at a select group of partners including Chess and Bridge, Harrods and other stores around the world. Daniel Weil drew on the experience of Magnus Carlsen, Vladimir Kramnik and other chess stars to test numerous versions of the set to determine if it would be comfortable to lift the pieces with two fingers or with a grip.But if you're just looking for a board to play a game of chess with the magnificent championship pieces, there are many options without the electronics that will look, feel and be just as good without causing a huge hole in your bank account. It is then shipped to World Chess facilities in London and Berlin and after further inspection is sent to buyers.

With a contemporary atmosphere, FIDE's ebonized design was designed in line with the chess aesthetic and with corresponding black and white base felts.There are thousands of games, boards and chess pieces available all over the world, but as you can imagine, a very special set is used for the World Chess Championship. The king, of course, is 3.75 feet tall, has a triple weight and as you can see in the image below each individual chess piece is a beautiful thing.

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