What Kind of Chess Board is Used in World Championships?

Chess has been around for more than a thousand years, with its origins in India in the 6th century. Over the centuries, different chess sets have been used, from the French Regency pieces to the Selenus set, which was often carved from bone and had slender, elaborate designs. In more recent decades, chess has become increasingly popular and there was a need for a standard set for international play and competition. This led to the approval of the World Chess Championship set by FIDE, the sport's governing body.

The Upright style of this set is striking and elegant, with a contemporary atmosphere and black and white base felts. It is used in tournaments and online broadcasts of chess matches with live updates. The pieces are made by fewer than 10 people who are trusted to carve the knights from the official sets. It takes seven times longer to make these pieces than normal chess sets due to their simpler designs.

In addition to the World Chess Championship set, there are other types of boards used in chess. Rolling boards are more resistant to wear and tear, but can be difficult to flatten and remove wrinkles. Many bars have half a folding board in their supply cabinet, as time and wear can cause the two halves to separate. There are also travel sets with almost tiny proportions, as well as magnetic games with flat disc-shaped pieces adorned with diagram symbols. Thanks to the chess house, their patience and understanding of a few emails back and forth, everything was solved.

If you're a chess enthusiast or looking for a board for tournaments or online broadcasts, you'll want to look into the World Chess Championship set. With its striking design and long-lasting pieces, it's sure to be a great addition to your collection.

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