How Big is the Harry Potter Chess Set?

The Harry Potter Final Challenge chess set is a must-have for any fan of the franchise. It comes with an eye-catching 20 x 20 inch game board screen and 32 die-cast pieces made of zinc. These pieces are designed to be an exact miniature recreation of the chess set from the first Harry Potter movie. The pawns measure 2.5 inches tall and the Kings measure 5.5 inches tall, giving them a natural weight for balance.

This set is primarily intended as a fun toy for Harry Potter fans who want to relive Ron and Harry's experience of the movie's Philosopher's Stone Wizard chess scene. It comes with an 18.5 inch by 18.5 inch black and white checkerboard that looks like marble and includes 32 pieces, a set of white and another of metallic silver in bags that are designed to look like the statues in the movie, but that measure up to 4 inches high. The craftsmanship of this chess set really shows when you compare it to the chess pieces from the movie. The pieces are inspired by those from the wizard's chess game, larger than real life, that appear in the first Harry Potter movie.

The paired versions of the chess scenes were certainly still dramatic and fun for people who were less familiar with the rules of chess. The Harry Potter Final Challenge chess set isn't ideal for serious chess players, but it's perfect for introducing children to chess in a familiar and fun way. It brings the magic of the big screen and book series to your home, allowing fans to play a game of chess just like their favorite characters did in the film. The Harry Potter Wizards chess set manufactured by Mattel comes with a 14 x 14 board and 32 plastic chess pieces (16 white and 16 black) that reproduce the original giant pieces from the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

If you're looking for a fun way to introduce your kids to chess or just want to relive your favorite scenes from the movie, this is definitely a great choice.

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