What Kind of Chess Set Do Professional Players Use?

Tournament chess sets are the most common type of chess set used in clubs, tournaments, and schools. These sets usually feature a standard 3.75-inch plastic Staunton game with a roll-up vinyl board. The size of the chessboard is usually determined by the type of game being played, with smaller “bughouse” or “blitzkrieg” boards measuring up to 11 inches and large tournament-type chess boards measuring 25 inches on each side and featuring elaborate wood carvings.If you're looking for the best-sized chessboard for your needs, check out my previous article. For faster games or two-player games, boards are typically 19 inches long.

The chess set used in the world championship measures 21 inches in length and width and is made of a special type of wood that does not rot or deform, usually walnut or ash.The most commonly used chess boards and sets for tournament games are vinyl chess boards that support 3.75-inch pieces. Staunton is the most used and accepted chess piece, with its roll-up silicone chess board for tournaments being more typical than you'll see in professional chess. If you take a look at the tables of any chess tournament, you'll see that the roll-up chessboard is the preferred board for most players due to its convenience and affordability.When it comes to choosing a good chess game, one that Beth Harmon herself can be proud to have, there are a lot of quality options. According to Noelle Kendrick, director of business development at House of Staunton and USCF Sales, player preferences play an important role in what is considered quality or not.

However, there are some common points between those preferences, such as very heavy pieces, intricate men's sizes, and pieces that match the board.A good chess set must also be functional and durable enough to last. With its 1,500 year history, chess games have evolved quite a bit in design and function. One example is a checkerboard that folds inward to provide storage for chess pieces which are protected by felt lining and secured with inner straps. When unfolded, the table measures 15 x 15 standard inches and when folded is pleasantly compact and easy to carry.If you're looking for a professional chess game ready for tournaments, consider one with heavy pieces, intricate men's sizes, and pieces that match the board.

The Silver Slate Pro Chess Set is a reliable and affordable option that includes two extra pieces of Queen to promote pawns and an interior storage that secures players with plastic bands to keep them in place. It also features a scratch-resistant metal case won't break you either and a padded bag designed to protect and carry all of these things is also designed to last.Nomadic chess players will want a board that fits easily in their luggage and doesn't wear and tear when moving. The Timeless Chess Set is an elegant tournament chess set that won't break the bank but may not withstand heavy use. This set was studied in detail by the FIDE expert panel and unanimously approved for use in the Championship.

It features a black checkerboard with wooden pieces designed to look like the wizard's chess set depicted in Harry Potter and the Witch Stone.No matter what kind of chess set you choose, make sure it meets your needs so you can enjoy playing this timeless game.

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