Where to Find the Best Chess Sets

The game of chess has been around for centuries, and it is still one of the most popular board games in the world. With so many different types of chess sets available, it can be difficult to know where to find the best ones. In this article, we will explore some of the top manufacturers and brands that produce high-quality chess sets. The House of Staunton, Official Staunton and Jaques of London are some of the most well-known manufacturers of chess sets.

They get their sets from manufacturers in India, mainly Armritsar, who produce high-quality sets. A few of these manufacturers have started selling their sets directly, such as The Chess Empire. They offer four different wooden sets manufactured by Chopra in India, each sold with the Mark of Westminster label. These sets are all well made and highly recommended. When it comes to hardwood boards, two brands stand out: JLP Woodworking and MTM Wood.

JLP Woodworking offers Player tables as well as the exclusive STACK brand tables with a distinctive 4-quadrant magnetic design. MTM Wood focuses on constructing ends on cutting boards and chess boards, and their chessboards stand out instantly with many styles available. Swiss company Naef is another prominent brand known for its precisely manufactured wooden toy products. Their Bauhaus chessboard and chess elements remain a leading and sought-after chess game with a modern and minimalist aesthetic. Berkeley Chess is one of the best thematic chess brands in the United Kingdom that produces high-quality themed chess pieces. Following the great work of Studio Anne Carlton, Berkeley launched a line of premium pieces made in the United Kingdom on a wide variety of subjects. Millennium in Germany stands out as one of the best when it comes to electronic boards for playing chess online with the latest gaming sites or against a standalone device.

Their Supreme 55 is a large tournament-sized chessboard with integrated lighting so that practice or live play is as similar to those of a real tournament. The eOne is a portable device that easily connects to play online against others. The Dutch DGT has been providing the world's leading tournaments with their famous DGT eboards for a couple of decades. These boards are also available for use at home or in clubs, contributing to the tournament gaming experience or helping to stream games. The DGT also offers a wide variety of other innovative chess products.

The Chess Empire

is another leader in achieving the experience of consistent perfection in design and craftsmanship by offering the best quality chess products around the world.

With almost 60 years of experience in the chess industry, they have some of the most experienced master craftsmen in their factories with a great knowledge of manual craftsmanship. They design some of the most exclusive chess games that go beyond anyone's imagination. The House of Staunton manufactures some of the best chess equipment in the world. Their Library chess set from the Collector series is a complete tournament-sized game with 3-inch tall kings that have 1.5-inch diameter bases. The set features a 3-inch tall King and all pieces are padded with billiard cloth to protect the shiny finish of the natural stone chessboard. When you're thinking about buying a new chess set, you should always consider the brand that produced it.

The Second World War, The Lord of the Rings, Mario Canon and even several skylines exist like chess sets with which you can wage a false war. An old chess set that belongs to the Staunton style is Wegiel Ambassador game made with a combination of different woods such as birch, sycamore, hornbeam and beech. The Burnt Golden Rosewood Grandmaster Series chess set is an extremely luxurious chess set with a unique aesthetic. We are looking for really beautiful chess sets that are within an appropriate range for materials used and level of craftsmanship but still affordable.

If you want a full-size set that will stand up to years of consistent play and is pleasant to use, you'll want to spend a little more. This elegant chess set features an open miter bishop, as well as the original gentleman designed by Frank Camarratta himself. When you play chess alone against a computer, there are a few brands of electronic chess computers that stand out. Buying a complete chess set at the same time as a package is the best and easiest way to purchase a coherent and matching chess set with pieces that fit perfectly.

If you're on a budget, opt for moderately priced games such as folding wooden chess set from Stonkraft Collectible or rosewood pieces for slightly different coloration.

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