Is chess a worthwhile hobby?

Playing chess is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can bring to your life. There are many benefits of playing chess online, ranging from practical benefits, such as cognitive and mental benefits, to more subtle benefits, such as finding something to occupy your time on. If you're looking for a good hobby to add to your life, chess is a great choice. Chess is a popular hobby that will allow you to find other people to play with.

Chess is a waste of time for anyone who doesn't win 100,000 or more a year with it (more or less Carlsen and Anand last year and maybe a handful more). It's a very, very bad career choice, which is equivalent to declaring that I will win American Idol and that is my only professional goal singing karaoke in bars. Chess is a great game that can be played by almost anyone. Age is not a problem; whether you are young or old, chess is a game that not only stimulates mentally, but also brings many benefits.

It is a game that develops focus, concentration and logical thinking. Due to their complex movements and the objective of the game, little by little you will begin to recognize patterns. As in any game, winning is the reason and achieving this goal is an exciting process. Chess has specific rules that you must follow and, as you get better at the game, you will gradually see that learning lasts a lifetime.

Chess gives you a lot of room to be creative and inventive with its infinite number of combinations. Chess sharpens memory, increases confidence and improves cognitive and problem-solving skills. Most studies have established the positive effects of chess on our mental health and our brain. Therefore, chess is a hobby worth pursuing.

There is nothing wrong with chess being a waste of time, because chess is a game designed to waste people's free time. You can search for chess puzzles on Google and you'll find a number of resources that can help you hone your game skills. In one experiment, researchers compared the ability of experienced chess players to that of people with no experience playing chess. You can start training students at different levels, helping them learn the pieces and the rules, prepare for national tournaments and improve their chess strategy.

Free resources to start with chess Chess is a mental game and intelligent calculations and planning are carried out with every move you make. Moreover, you can consider earning money with more modern methods, such as selling classes online, giving an online master class, writing e-books and designing decorative items related to chess and selling them online. Remember that there are people who don't play chess or even hate it, but they leave their mark on the world. However, if you break down the criteria of what makes a sport a sport, you can firmly argue that chess is, in fact, a sport.

Becoming a chess pro doesn't happen overnight, so mastering the game requires patience and commitment to learning. Find a YouTube channel There are many options of YouTube channels you can choose from to learn chess. It is played on a chess board, that is, a checkerboard with 64 squares placed in an eight-by-eight grid. As a beginner, you may want to invest in a sturdy plastic set that will accompany you during a rigorous practice, since most people who start learning chess tend to become addicted to the game.

You can train students at any level, helping them learn rules and pieces, improve their chess strategy and prepare for national games. .

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