What size chess board is used in tournaments?

Please note that the standards for tables and sets may differ slightly from country to country. For example, the World Chess Federation (FIDE) says that the size of the square for competitive play should be between 5 and 6 cm (1.97 inches to 2.36 inches), with a recommended height for the king of 9.5 cm (3.74 in). This is the official game and board of the FIDE World Championship used in the last matches of the FIDE World Championship. The board has 2 inch squares with a king size of 3.75 inches.

Steve Schwartz First of all, it's important to distinguish between the chess sets that a tournament player MUST wear to a tournament and those that the average citizen can play informally. Most players don't need to play with the typical size of a tournament chessboard, the standard chessboard size is suitable for the average player. There are no rules or regulations for 99.999999999% of the population that plays chess. But the tournament player is a little more restricted by the rules.

And the rules more or less dictate that the chessboard has 2 ¼ squares, and that the king of the set of chess pieces has between 3 ¾ and 4 ¼. In fact, the vast majority of tournament players use plastic chess pieces and roll-up vinyl chess boards or mouse pads. These are quite cheap (even the most expensive). First, it is important to distinguish between the chess games that a player in a tournament MUST bring to a tournament and those that the average citizen can play informally.

Chess boards are square and generally range in size from 16 to 20 inches (40.6 to 50.8 centimeters). Add additional space for the outer edge of the board. It is generally accepted that the best-sized chessboard has a square size of 2 inches and measures about 17 to 21 inches wide, allowing good space for the piece to fit on the board and move freely during the game. The official recommendation of the chess body for the standard size of a chessboard is that each of the 64 squares on a board should measure between 2 and 2.5 inches.

These are the exact same chess pieces that the United States Chess Federation uses in all its national chess tournaments. The Staunton pieces, which are easily the most recognizable of all chessboards, are named after the 19th century English master, Howard Staunton, considered the strongest player in the world in the 1840s. The size of the chessboard should remain an important factor in any case, since you may want it to be portable, your board used at club events, or you are simply looking for an ornamental piece for your home. In addition to large chess pieces, almost the size of a tournament, travel sets can have almost tiny proportions, and a popular variety of magnetic games is a small wallet-type board with flat disc-shaped pieces adorned with diagram symbols (in fact, this author learned to play in one of those sets).

Rolling boards can be difficult to flatten and remove wrinkles, but they are more resistant to wear and tear, while many bars have half a folding board in the back of their supply cabinet, as time and wear and tear can cause the two halves to separate. ElementInches CMS Square Size 2.25 inch 5.7 cm Board Size: Footprint 20 x 20 inches 50.8 x 50.8 cm King Height 3.75 inch 9.53 cm King Base Diameter 1.5 inch 3.81 cm. These dimensions of the chessboard qualify for the regulations of the United States Chess Federation. If you have to bring your own pieces to a tournament, this is the style of chess pieces you should try to wear.

Although some players like to take the opportunity to show off their quality wooden parts, they run the risk of their pieces being lost or damaged during the game. This style was popular in Germany and Northern Europe, and was named after the author of a 17th century chess book (Gustavus Selenus was a pseudonym for the Duke of Brunswick-Lí¼ neburg). Since the vast majority of chess boards are square, at least the playing area should be, if not the entire piece, the length or width will be the same, and the size of a tournament chess board is 17 to 21 square inches. .

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