Is chess becoming less popular?

As people move away from their screens, interest in chess shows no signs of slowing down. If you don't grow up exposed to chess, no one will give a damn about a game with a board that looks like the Carrilla de Villes tablecloth. Before starting an extensive thesis on the subject, the conclusion is that the game of chess requires vast cumulative knowledge and understanding acquired through careful and focused training and demanding practice to even be considered good or competent. Many of these Twitch streamers created content with chess masters to improve their chances of success.

He talked about how chess used to be a game in which only the fifty or one hundred best players could earn enough money to make it their only job. That's how simple chess is, but at the same time, it takes a lifetime to learn the mysteries of chess. In addition, chess is a respected game that is often portrayed as a sign of intelligence in movies, news and everyday talks. However, qualified players and chess clubs are no longer the only channels that get views on their chess content.

These channels focus more on the learning aspect of chess than on the spectacle of a celebrity chess tournament. The whole dynamic of chess changed when different content creators began to present the sport online in their own styles during the pandemic. The United States Chess Federation also offers five levels of certifications for teaching chess (US Chess). FIDE has a system for ranking players on a scale of 1 to 3000 depending on the performance of the tournament and a system for awarding titles to the best chess players in the world.

So, even though I'm not a chess player, I think the appeal of games, techniques and practices similar to chess will continue to be attractive, albeit with a smaller subgroup of people than before. With so many options and availability, chess is undoubtedly a fun game and is becoming increasingly popular over time. In addition, since playing chess has health benefits, you can't ignore the game over other board games, especially if you want to completely eliminate the chances of being lucky to win a game. If you are looking for incredible chess sets, qualities such as weighty pieces, durability, ease of transport, value for money and a beautiful design are essential.

Given the increase in the popularity of chess over the past year and the notable increase in the availability of resources for new players over the past decade, chess tournaments will continue to increase in audience and attendance as new players watch and strive to improve their chess.

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